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sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

Banda Sonora Original

Quiero compartir con vosotros una de las canciones que más escuché mientras escribía "El final de todos los inviernos". Quizá la escuché, alguna noche, más de diez veces seguidas, como inmerso en un trance mientras mi mente dictaba las palabras que mis dedos arrancaban del teclado del ordenador.
Escuchadla, pues aunque el grupo no es muy conocido, es mi banda favorita y merece la pena.

La letra:

[GOD:] Count the red lights on the highway
Thunder in your ear
Is there something moving in my way
Beyond the Gates Of Fear...
Entombed to praise the Dark
Exhumed to blackened stares
Is there anyone to answer?
Is it still remembered here... ?
Bonedust and leaves blow in the wind
You laugh but never smile in my mind
On this Dark fated day I can feel you far away
Oh give me back the Night that I have wronged...

Soon this Dust will cease to sing!

How does the Day still Dawn
When my empty Nighttimes roar
Hours of endless weeping
But I know you can't be freed
Through the Dust of Hell I call you
But you'll never answer me

If the Ending is not of Brass
I feel you in the Cold
Your Eyes of Moonlit Fire
Burn Haunted Winter Groves
I remember your Last Days here
Despair is in my Soul with every Star I'm breaking!

What have I done... my Children
What have I done?
Where have you gone... my Wild Lover
Where have you gone?
Scattered into space...

Desire blames desire
And Hatred Storms with Love
Shattered by the flesh I aspire to...
... it crumbles into dust...

Bonedust and tears assault my eyes
You laugh but never smile within my mind
No Wine can drown all these hated memories
Oh give me back the Goddess I have wronged...
I'm watching from the Sky
With Eyes the truth burned blind
Are you happy now I'm wrong?
I can feel it when you lie
Is there any answer oh...
... for all the pain that's gone before?

Is there still a red Rose in your Heaven
Is it still remembered in your World
Did the Heavens open wide
On the Day that you died...

Where have you gone... oh... where have you gone...
When will you know...
Where have you gone...
Never to return...

Never... everything's faded... return...
You're lost now... screams in a kiss...

Who speaks of you and I... in a World of Pain & Mist
... when the Soul screams in a kiss...
I still... I still see you... I die...
There's still a Face like a Flame
In my Heart... Haunt your Headstone...
Haunted, haunted we die... in shame...
7 Devils Haunt... shattered by Life...
Black Roses Haunt your Headstone
7 Devils Haunt your Headstone...
... for your Grave...

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